Protest pentru sustinerea familiei Bodnariu la Melbourne, Australia

Sambata, 30 ianuarie 2016, ora 10 in Melbourne, Australia va avea loc un protest pentru sustinerea familiei Bodnariu. Locaţia este în Spring Street East Melbourne Parliament house.

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The whole Romanian Community in Melbourne have come together to organise a protest that will take place on…
***Saturday the 30th of Jan, 2016
10AM SHARP – 11:30AM***

we encourage everyone to be there at ***9:45AM***

The members of that community are the Orthodox, Pentecostal and Baptist churches, who together have joined arms to express our solidarity and to support the Bodnariu family and other families in Norway who have been a victimised by the Barnevernet through child kidnapping!

This is not a Religious event, but rather an event reflecting our moral responsibility to act against the Norwegian organisation called Barnevernet!

Many Romanians across Australia have been following the events in relation to this situation and have been shocked at the manner which Barnevernet essentially kidnapped the Bodnariu children and are now entrenched in their determination to put them up for adoption – despite the fact that due course has not been given to proper, independent and transparent investigations to provide evidence for this position. Barnevernet has very clearly over-stepped its responsibilities and has pursued a campaign to undermine the parental rights of Marius and Ruth. Marius and Ruth have had their parental rights and presumption of innocence violated! Marius and Ruth’s children have been exposed to the psychological trauma of being forcibly removed from their parents to the detriment of their health and welfare!

This is just 1 in over 10,000 cases that have happen last year! That is essentially 10,000 children who have been ripped apart from their parents and have been put up for adoption!

This is an extreme but, unfortunately, not an unprecedented situation in Norway.

During the 2016 National Romanian Pentecostal Convention hosted in Perth (representing churches from across Australia and New Zealand including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Port Pirie, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Auckland and Christchurch) the Bodnariu’s situation was publically presented and discussed. An official letter on behalf of pastors from Romanian Pentecostal and Baptist Churches in Australia and New Zealand has been prepared and issued to the Norwegian Ambassador in Canberra conveying our concerns and requests in regards to the Bodnariu family.

We call on the Norwegian Government and Barnevernet to expedite the return of the Bodnariu children to Marius and Ruth.
We call on the Norwegian Government to take responsibility for the organisation that is “Barnevernet” which has been enabled and implemented BY the Norwegian Government.

We call on the Norwegian Government to investigate Barnevernet for misconduct, unethical behaviour and commonly used tactics that include manipulation and intimidation.

We also encourage the Norwegian Government to revisit national policies on child rights and child welfare to ensure that this is balanced by parental rights and the protection of families regardless of culture, nationality or religion.

This must never happen again!!

We encourage everyone who has the desire to act against and stand for all the families that have been victimised, to come and join us in this peaceful demonstration!

We would also like each one of you to bring a toy (whether it be a teddy bear, car, or other small objects) so that we will leave them at the Parliament steps as a display for all to see, and for the Norwegian ambassador to take action against all that has happen and make sure it will not happen in the future!

For more information regarding the protest or any other question you have
contact the event organiser,
Mircea Cimpean
(tel) (61) 410 488 611